Small Business Marketing Tips to Give You ‘Big Business’ Results on a Small Business Budget

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Small business marketing -- like having three "magic" wishes if you get it right

Effective small business marketing means any business, no matter how small, can succeed: any where and in any economy. At least, you can as long as you pay proper attention to the simple but extremely powerful marketing fundamentals I share with you here on Small Business Marketing Tips .com.

And while I cannot possibly guarantee or promise your individual success, because there is so much we cannot control, I promise if you apply these fundamentals consistently and rigorously in your business, then you have the best possible chance to achieve extraordinary business success. And on this site I share with you hundreds of really effective small business success tips, to give you the best chance off success.

See, statistics tell us something like 80% of businesses fail within the first 5 years; many fail within the first 12 months.

Why is this?

It’s certainly not through lack of desire and willingness to work hard.

No it’s because business owners make…

This No. 1 small business marketing mistake

Lack of attention to the fundamentals.

Small business marketing is the most important activity you can engage in. Why? Because if you don’t market yourself, you don’t have any customers or clients; no customers or clients, then you don’t have a business. It’s a simple truth.

But it’s a truth most small business owners are either unaware of or, if they are aware of it, choose to ignore. I understand why this is — you don’t want to be marketing yourself. It’s not your real “business”.

Your business is doing whatever you’re set up to do for your clients and customers, right?


Whatever business “thing” you do, whether it’s retail, plumbing, carpet cleaning, or even helping business owners increase profits as I do, your real business is the marketing of your “thing” business business.

How smart small business marketing can solve all your business woes

Let me now make a bold claim: there are very few business problems you can’t solve with good small business marketing. And I know it is a bold claim, but it’s one I stand by 100%.

You see, you can very simply break the task of growing your business down into two parts:

  1. Getting qualified leads.
  2. Converting them to paying customers and clients.

It’s that simple — and it applies whether your business is online or offline, of a combination of both.

Moreover, it’s always been that simple and it probably always will be (at least for as long as you and I will be interested in it — we’ll all be long gone before we evolve sufficiently for anyone to notice). And all it requires is a sound small business strategy to keep everything moving in the right direction.

So, when people tell you small business marketing in your industry is somehow “different”, they’re wrong. They either don’t understand it and are simply repeating something they’ve been told parrot-fashion, or they’re trying to sell you something.

Or they’re just making excuses.

Two vital numbers for your business

Now, your profits come from two basic numbers: the number of people who come into your business (say, by visiting your website, coming into your premises, or calling you), and the number of those people you actually sell something to.

Let’s say you get 100 visitors to your business every day and you make on average one sale. That’s a conversion rate of 1%, which seems awful but is actually perfectly acceptable considering the awful state of most businesses.

Now, imagine what will happen when the tips and strategies I share with you on this website and in my email newsletter increase your traffic to 150 visitors a day, and your conversion rate to 1.5%.

Increase your results by 1108% or more

These are small increases and are easily achieved with modest effort if you pay attention to the tips I share with you! I promise: even though those increases look large, they’re easily achievable. I actually expect you to do much better.

Effective small business marketing will do this for you.

I’m not bragging here, one of my clients, Renee, invested a 1-hour phone consultation with me and then increased her results by 1108% just by implementing some of my small business marketing strategies. She’s still with me as a client over five years later.

So, where do these increases in the number of leads we get and the number of them we convert to sale get us?

Well, instead of making one sale a day, a 1% conversion rate on 100 visitors, we’re achieving a 1.5% conversion on 150 visitors. That’s an average of 2.25 sales a day – more than double your original sales!

Small hinges swing big doors

So, you can see, even moderate improvements can have a huge impact on your sales. A percent, here, a percent there… this is how it goes, that you wake up one morning and your small “so-so” business is now in the top 5% of profit-makers in your industry.

All the basics are here on this site for you, and for the latest cutting-edge insights and revelations on small business marketing and how it can make you rich, leave your details here and I’ll send you 52 FREE tips to grow your business.

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So… get out there, and get your small business marketing working for you!


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